MP Siti Zailah Yusof’s Insensitive and Irresponsible Statements

Media Statement, 25th July 2014

MP Siti Zailah Yusof’s Insensitive and Irresponsible Statements

EMPOWER is concerned with the insensitive and irresponsible statements[1] made by Rantau Panjang MP Siti Zailah Yusof at the Parliament’s emergency motion on the tragedy of flight MH17.

The PAS MP has raised issues pertaining to the serving of alcohol and the dress code of Muslim female flight attendants so that no one would “die in sin” and that the basic of Islamic teachings must be given attention so as not to invite Allah’s wrath.

Such a statement is insensitive and irrelevant especially at a time when the grieving nation is still recovering from the MH17 tragedy. What the perished passengers and crew have done to deserve these sexist, discriminatory and condescending statements are beyond EMPOWER’s comprehension.

The MP must understand the need to respect the dignity and privacy of the deceased victims and their grieving families if not support them emotionally and mentally. The MP failed to understand that the victims died because MH17 was shot down by perpetrators whom are still not been brought to justice.

Malaysian government and the international community must continue to ensure that the perpetrators pay for their act of terrorism against innocent civilians. EMPOWER strongly urges MP Siti Zailah to retract her statements and apologise to the families and all grieving Malaysians affected by the MH17 tragedy.



[1] “Alcohol should be prohibited onboard MAS flights”, The Sun Daily, 23 July 2014 at

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