#InternetKita: human rights online, one tweet at a time

EMPOWER together with SUARAM, Amnesty International Malaysia, UndiMsia! and Women's Aid Organisation launched a Twitter campaign on internet rights under the hashtag #InternetKita, which took place from 5th to 10th December 2015, in conjunction with Human Rights Day and 16 Days of Activism.

The campaign aimed to increase understanding and create conversations on human rights online in the Malaysian context; focusing on issues related to freedom of expression, information, assembly and association, rights to privacy and technology-related violence against women. Days were divided into themes, with each organisation hosting a specific theme: SUARAM and Amnesty International Malaysia taking on freedom of expression, EMPOWER hosting a conversation on freedom of assembly and association online, UndiMsia! tweeting on the right to privacy, and WAO unpacking technology-based violence against women.

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