CSR Opportunities

EMPOWER welcomes sponsorship from corporations for our programmes. We are currently seeking funding for workshops under our women’s political participation programme, focusing on grassroots women, and our work documenting women’s experiences of poverty.

Beyond Charities

While EMPOWER does not yet have tax-exempt status, we believe that our programmes find natural partners in CSR initiatives looking beyond hand-outs and donations.

Malaysia does not only have one of the lowest percentage of female elected representatives in the Asia Pacific region, its female labour participation stands at a paltry 46 percent (World Economic Forum Gender Gap Index 2013). It is clear that there is vast untapped potential among Malaysian women, and as stakeholders in Malaysian society, corporations stand to benefit from improvements to women’s capacity to participate equally in public life and economically.

EMPOWER believes in finding long-term solutions to the barriers standing in the way of women who are keen to make their mark in public and economic life. These include actions with near-immediate impact such as mentoring potential women leaders, who will in turn contribute to the sustainability of our programmes.

As well as monetary funding, EMPOWER also welcomes other CSR contributions such as skills trainings and marketing workshops for women in economically disadvantaged communities. Please contact us at info@empowermalaysia.org for more information.