Media Statements

As part of our communications strategy, EMPOWER engages with the public, and other civil society organisations on issues that matter to us through the media. While our focus is on women’s political participation, it is only one aspect of women’s human rights we have been involved with at the national level.

Check out our Multimedia page for our visual advocacy material.

Statements and Letters







Press Conferences

Recordings of press conferences held by EMPOWER and coalitions it is part of.

Press Conference on the National Security Council Bill

(2015, 1:14 minutes, English) On 3 December 2015, Malaysian civil society organisations handed a memorandum to Parliament protesting the proposed National Security Council Bill. EMPOWER’s executive director and BERSIH 2.0 chairperson Maria Chin Abdullah spoke to reporters outside Parliament after the handover

Press Conference on Crackdowns Targeting the Homeless Community

(2014, BM and English) A press conference by a coalition of non-governmental bodies formed to support the homeless community in Kuala Lumpur after announcements of crackdowns targeting the community and soup kitchens.