EMPOWER @ Art For Grabs 2017!

EMPOWER @ Art For Grabs 2017!

Hey everyone!


EMPOWER is one of the main sponsors at Art For Grabs: Laundromat of Love, 16 – 17 December 2017 at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. Woot!


Check out our new logo there, folks.


EMPOWER will also host two forums in Art For Grabs. For those who are interested in Net, Tech & Rights, the team will be discussing online gender-based violence at Rape & Hate Online: The Hidden Cost of A Malicious Culture.


We get told too often that what happens online is not real, that the rape threat is only meant as a joke. That a private social media group that objectifies women is just that, private. And that all of these actions do no harm. How true is that? What options do we have in the face of such online hate and attacks? Is keeping silent a solution? 

Are women and girls particularly at risk? Or do men and boys face the same hate, harassment and violence online? What are the costs? Is there anything we can do as individuals or as a society?

Let’s discuss, unpack and build solidarity against such a malicious culture.

1. Maryam Lee, feminist, writer
2. Nalisa A. Amin, social media influencer
3. Kok Sen Wai, Editor for The Malaysian Feminist page on Facebook
4. Serene LimEmpower, Research and Resource Development Officer

The State Accountability team also tak nak kalah, they are organising a forum on fake news too! Check our event out on Facebook – The Buzz in Social Media: Fake News, Propaganda or Stigma?



NO ONE is free from the politics of information in this digital age, and whatever its shortfalls, the internet has democratised information and changed the way we create and consume information, including “fake news”. But what is fake news? Who gets to decide if news is fake or not?

This session will help unpack what we mean when we talk about ‘fake news’, ‘misinformation’ and disinformation, in particular how these are weaponised against human rights advocates, activists, media, politicians and democracy.

THE BUZZ IN SOCIAL MEDIA: Fake News, Propaganda or Stigma?
Forum by Empower
Sun 17 Dec 2017, 1.30pm
Ground floor, The SchoolJaya One, Petaling Jaya.

1. Asohan Aryaduray, Star Online, Senior Editor
2. Rizal GuaperasEmpower, Advocacy Officer
3. Nik Elin Nik Rashid, lawyer
4. Zurairi ARThe Malay Mail, Assistant News Editor


#TeamEmpower is definitely having a busy weekend ahead! :’)