Our work values of respect, openness, diversity, inclusiveness and equality have helped to develop an organisational culture that is supportive of people’s varying capabilities. As a result, EMPOWER has a strong network of trainers and resource persons, some of whom have more than 15 years’ training experience in democracy and development, with special focus on feminism, women’s rights, human rights, governance, violence against women, internet rights, and empowerment programmes for civil societies. This strong body of knowledge and skills that is guided by feminist and human rights principles has in no small way lent to EMPOWER’s leadership capacity in building civil society movements, having been the secretariat of the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (BERSIH 2.0) from 2010 to 2015 and currently, a co-secretariat of the Coalition of Malaysian NGOs in the UPR Process (COMANGO) since 2008.

Whether you are an individual, civil society organisation or a corporation, there are many ways to support us.




Malaysia does not only have one of the lowest percentage of female elected representatives in the Asia Pacific region, its female labour participation stands at a paltry 46 per cent (World Economic Forum Gender Gap Index 2013). Yet, women make up 69.5 per cent of Malaysia’s productive age group, between 15 to 64 years old (2017). It is clear that there is vast untapped potential among Malaysian women, and as stakeholders in Malaysian society, corporations stand to benefit from improvements to women’s capacity to participate equally in public life and economically.


EMPOWER believes in finding long-term solutions to the barriers standing in the way of women who are keen to make their mark in public and economic life. These include actions with near-immediate impact such as mentoring potential women leaders, who will in turn contribute to the sustainability of our programmes.


To make these happen, EMPOWER welcomes CSR contributions such as financial donations, as well as skills trainings and marketing workshops for women in economically disadvantaged communities. Please contact us at for more information.




Interested but not sure of your time and commitment? EMPOWER is open for ad-hoc volunteering, updated regularly in our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


As a volunteer with EMPOWER, you will have access to a diverse, mission-driven community of volunteers working on events, fundraisers, researches, documentation of human rights violations, and many other purposeful activities.




EMPOWER has the capacity and expertise to conduct a variety of trainings. These include trainings on diversity, equality and non-discrimination. We have not only trained communities, but have also worked with state government agencies, and corporations. Please contact us at for more information.


Corporate Training


For corporations looking to build the capacity of their human resource to engage with complex diversities, EMPOWER’s workshops and training programmes will be beneficial. We have a flexible, creative team of trainers specialising in diversity and women’s leadership. Our workshops can be designed to suit your needs.


State Agency & Service Provider Training


EMPOWER’s trainers are experienced in training government agencies and local councils on gender, the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW), and women’s leadership.


EMPOWER has previously conducted a Training of Trainers and four pilot trainings on Democratic Governance for youths, village heads, government-linked companies and the Selangor State Economic Planning Unit, in partnership with the Selangor state government. We have also conducted workshops on democratic governance for local councillors.


Training Community Stakeholders


EMPOWER conducts trainings for many of the communities and constituents serviced by state agencies and local councils.


In 2009, EMPOWER conducted the “Women’s Right to Health – Empower and Live” project for young women and mothers with hearing disabilities, funded by the Lembaga Promosi Kesihatan (Health Promotion Board) of the Ministry of Health. This effort was further extended in 2016 to the Orang Asli communities, aimed to enlighten Orang Asli women on their rights and political inclusion.


Spread Awareness


Sometimes, supporting a nonprofit doesn’t need cold hard cash. By helping EMPOWER to spread awareness on the work of our three programmes, Women’s Political Participation; The Net, Tech and Rights; and Human Rights & State Accountability, you are already doing us a huge favour.


To spread awareness, feel free to download our research publications, media statements and policy papers online and share with others. If you are a student, you could also ask your librarian to include our publications as part of their collection. EMPOWER has frequent updates on social media, and by sharing and commenting on the statuses can be a way to spread awareness.


Share Knowledge & Expertise


It is always meaningful to contribute by sharing your knowledge and expertise. EMPOWER welcomes pro-bono trainers and experts on fields related to our work, as per the list below (not exhaustive):


  • Women’s Political Participation
  • Digital Security
  • Gender Analysis
  • Human Rights
  • Working with International Human Rights Instruments
  • Policy Analysis
  • Community Organising
  • Social Entrepreneurship


Experts will be engaged in various course of actions such as speaking in training programmes, be panelists in any of our talks, contribute and be part of our research publications, advise on various aspects in programme matters and others. If you’re an expert in fields related to EMPOWER’s work and would like to contribute your skills and expertise, we are reachable at




We partner with fellow women’s rights groups and civil society organisations in line with our mission and vision. We are very much open to discussing different forms of partnership, bearing in mind our vision of creating a society where there is equality and a thriving democracy that respects diversity.