Our Team









Mastura M. Rashid
Communications & Outreach Manager

Mastura manages EMPOWER’s communications and outreach, including our internship and volunteer programmes. She is very passionate about women’s grassroots activism, and her mission in EMPOWER is to get more women to be changemakers and lead communities through high-impact communications and community outreach. When she is not communicating in human rights lingo, Mastura enjoys long drives, nasi lemak and folk music. Mastura can be contacted on email at co[underscore]manager[at]empowermalaysia[dot]org.











Sevani Sundaram
Finance Officer

Sevani can be reached at finance[at]empowermalaysia[dot]org.





Fatimah Razak
Administration Officer


EMPOWER is the first nonprofit organisation Fatimah ever joined, after more than 10 years of work in the hospitality industry. In EMPOWER, Fatimah is the catalyst for smooth operations, and her work ranges from office management to event management, in support of the programmes. She is always excited and supportive of human rights work. Fatimah’s main principle in life is not to be judgemental to other people, regardless of race, religion, beliefs or opinions. She is also a strong proponent against sexual and gender-based violence, and a supporter of animal rights. In her free time, Fatimah enjoys endless food explorations, and hanging out with family, friends, and animals. #animalover. Fatimah can be reached at info[at]empowermalaysia[dot]org.










Declan Loke
Research & Resource Development Officer (The Net, Tech & Rights Programme)

declan is the Research and Resource Development Officer for EMPOWER Malaysia. declan is fascinated about the whole idea of spaces and places, and passionate about creating spaces and empower others. Through their work in EMPOWER and other collective declan developed interests in the intersection between internet, gender, and sexuality, and chose to think that the internet is a space allows us to explore, connect, and mobilise. In the unlikely event that declan does not have work, you’ll find them bingeing the latest Netflix show in bed. declan can be contacted on email at research[dash]ntr[at]empowermalaysia[dot]org.












Rizal Rozhan
Advocacy & Capacity-Building Officer (Human Rights & State Accountability Programme)

Rizal is our Advocacy and Capacity-Building Officer focusing on matters regarding State Accountability, specifically on the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) and the internationally agreed upon Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). He believes that good governance and death of patriarchy in Malaysia are the keys to ensuring women’s political participation. In his free time, he may be found in jungles, nearby waterfalls, on top of a random hill; or at least he wishes to be. Rizal can be contacted on email at advocacy[dash]sa[at]empowermalaysia[dot]org







Wong Li Fang
Advocacy & Capacity-Building Officer (Women’s Political Participation Programme)

Li Fang is our Advocacy & Capacity-building Officer, focusing on Women’s political participation programme. She is passionate about building up strong women, especially among the indigenous communities in Malaysia. Being a waterfall lover, you will find her wandering around searching for waterfalls during her work-free time. Li Fang can be contacted on email at advocacy[dash]wpp[at]empowermalaysia[dot]org.



Our Executive Committee Members


President: Janarthani Arumugam

As a Campaign Coordinator, Jana developed and managed the ‘Save Our Rice” Campaign. Using her research skills she developed a concept paper as well as the communications strategy which included raising the profile of the campaign via social media platforms (Twitter and Facebook).


During her career as a Research Assistant in the Gender Studies Department of the University Malaya, she developed and compiled literature review for research projects, conducted library and archival research as well as planned and conducted fieldwork in 4 states. She also developed and implemented research instruments, and presented research methods at a conference in York University, Canada (2014).


She has conducted feminist participatory research in the South of the Philippines and North Indonesia. During her stay, she networked with local labour unions and community organizers to study women workers. She also developed capacity building workshops to facilitate women worker’s empowerment. Jana wrote and published a paper on the topic.


Vice-President: Wong Kar Fai


Treasurer: Normawati Ghazali

Atie is a great community organiser and managed the grassroots women’s leadership development programme in the constituency of a Member of Parliament, with particular emphasis on women’s political participation. In her programme, she emphasises on building self-confidence and self-development to increase women’s participation in decision-making to ensure quality women leaders are selected to meet the community needs.


She was also involved in setting up Pusat Wanita Berdaya (Community Level Women’s Empowerment Initiative) and mentored women leaders through leadership programmes, economic empowerment activities and community development skills.


Secretary: Lau Shu Shi

Shu Shi was instrumental in developing the women’s political participation programme in EMPOWER since 2012. Her key contributions are developing, enhancing and promoting the programme among political parties in Malaysia, which enabled more than 700 women nationwide to be trained in political campaign strategy. This included women party members as well as women community leaders. She also conducted a capacity-building training for the Members of Parliament in Timor Leste.


As part of the SEA Women’s Caucus (Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Timor Leste and The Philippines), Shu Shi and her team convened a meeting of members of parliament and senators to push the agenda for at least 30% women’s quota at all levels of government.


She was a regular columnist for a mainstream mandarin newspaper in Malaysia where she published articles on feminist thinking and women’s rights. She regularly conducts trainings on women’s human rights and CEDAW.


Ordinary Member: Gayathry Vekiteswaran


Ordinary Member: Pook Li Yoon

Li Yoon is a key contributor to the development of Women’s Political Participation programme at EMPOWER. The program was developed in 2009 involving cross party training for women politicians from the grassroots to key leadership positions. Approximately 700 women were trained on strategic campaign planning, women human rights, community development and organizing nation-wide.


Among the outputs of the programme was a video, Tanpa Wajah (Unseen Faces) which received the award “Best Malaysian Film” at the Freedom Film Fest 2013. In addition to this, a comprehensive online map of elected women representatives at the state assembly and parliamentary levels was established in 2013 (currently being updated). It was referred to at a multistakeholders’ discussion in June 2013 where UNDP officers and academics extrapolated gender disaggregated data from the “Equality Under Construction: Monitoring Women’s Political Participation” website to understand women’s political participation in the Malaysia context.


Li Yoon also oversaw the Gender Equality programme which produced a book, “Equality Under Construction: Women’s Human Rights Report 2010/2011” which was used as a reference for the Malaysian CEDAW Shadow Report 2013.


As part of the Good Governance programme she coordinated research and writing of a paper on Local Council Elections and the Draft Kuala Lumpur City Plan 2008. Other activities included institutionalising reforms at the local government level and conducting good governance training for various state agencies in Selangor. She also oversaw the Public Education programme organized by Empower which included trainings on gender, democracy and leadership with students and the community.


Ordinary Member: Chuah Siew Eng