Our Team

Dorathy Benjamin
Executive Director

Dorathy can be contacted on email at edirector@empowermalaysia.org

Nabillah Hijazu
Research & Resource Development Officer (The Net, Tech & Rights Programme)

Nabillah can be contacted on email at research-ntr@empowermalaysia.org

Amanda Ng
Advocacy and Capacity Building Officer (Women’s Political Participation Programme)

Amanda can be contacted on email at advocacy-WPP@empowermalaysia.org

Fatimah Athirah

Advocacy and Capacity Building Officer (Human Rights and State Accountability Programme)

Athirah can be contacted at advocacy-SA@empowermalaysia.org

Farah Draim

Communications Officer 

Farah can be contacted on email at comms@empowermalaysia.org

Saraswahthy Ramasundran
Admin Officer

Saras can be contacted on email at info@empowermalaysia.org

Hajar Osman
Finance Officer

Hajar can be reached at finance@empowermalaysia.org.

Our Executive Committee Members

President: Wong Li Fang 

Li Fang can be reached at elainewlf93@gmail.com

Vice-President: Mohamad Rizal

Rizal can be reached at rizalrozhan@gmail.com

Secretary: Leong Mee Nan@Mei Yun

Mei Yun can be contacted at secretary@empowermalaysia.org

Treasurer: Normawati Ghazali

Ati can be contacted at atiepaps@gmail.com

Exco 1: Khoo Ying Hooi

Ying Hooi can be reached at yinghooi@gmail.com

Exco 2: Arutselvi

Arutselvi can be contacted at arutselvia@yahoo.com

Exco 3: Hariati Kesuma

Hariati can be contacted at hari_A@thestar.com.my

Ordinary Member: Gayathry Vekiteswaran

Ordinary Member: Pook Li Yoon

Ordinary Member: Chuah Siew Eng