Net Rangers



Netrangers is an initiative by to combat online sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV).


So what is online SGBV? It is when someone is attacked online, on Twitter or FB, based on his/her gender. Online sexual harassment. Misogyny. Discrimination because someone is of a certain gender. is a group of social media-savvy do-gooders who monitors the internet for online SGBV cases, give support to the victims, and document the cases for future law-reforms.


The Internet is not a separate, fake world. What happens in the Internet is real, and the Internet is a breathing and living space. We should combat online SGBV. It is rape culture, it is real, and it is spreading fast. is crucial as an ecosystem to support online SGBV victims, document the cases, and push this forward to the government so proper policies can be created and executed.


For more information on online SGBV, we published a report, free to download here:


Voice, Visibility and a Variety of Viciousness: A Malaysian Study of Women’s Lived Realities on Social Media

Year: 2017

Price: Free to download (PDF), RM25 for hardcopy

Language: English

This is the fourth study on Internet rights by Empower under the APC-IMPACT project. It builds on Empower’s previous research on online freedom of expression, freedom of information as well as freedom of assembly and association. It is a feminist response to increased instances of bullying and harassment on social media, seeking better understanding of how these forms of technology-related gender-based violence manifest in the Malaysian context. It draws attention to the Internet as a real living space for women where the harms of patriarchy are felt equally as they are offline. Insights gained from this study will aid in devising a more contextual response to the problems women face online including in laws and policies governing the Internet.

Published in 2017. 52 pages, glossy paper, full colour. Please PM us to buy. All proceeds goes to cover Empower’s programmes.



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