Our Actions

EMPOWER advances women’s political equality towards justice and democracy centred on feminist and human rights principles. We work with women and youth of diverse communities to build their leadership potential and transform cultures and mindsets towards dismantling power structures that reinforce inequalities. Through advocacy, capacity building, research and resource development, we identify strategic connections between issues, actors and movements from local to international levels. 


EMPOWER’s mission identifies two main approaches we adopt: Building leadership for women’s rights and gender equality; and transforming cultures and mindsets; the latter to create that more enabling environment for women’s rights and gender equality. Enhancing our two approaches are our strategies of capacity-building, research and resource development, and strategic advocacies.


EMPOWER aims at creating a critical mass of women decision-makers (especially women from marginalized communities and low to lower middle-income groups) and those who support women in decision-making who will promote and implement gender-sensitive policies and laws aligned with the principles of equality and non-discrimination. All of EMPOWER’s work is premised on the principles of gender mainstreaming and the human rights framework. Participants of our capacity-building activities therefore leave with a stronger understanding of substantive equality, temporary special measures, affirmative actions, and the intersectionality of rights. We also contribute to the collective engagement of human rights defenders in the CEDAW reporting and the Universal Periodic Review process of the United Nations and the promotion and defense of freedoms of information, expression, association and assembly, particularly the exercise of the latter two rights online. All of our work is conducted in an integrated manner, seeking change at both the individual and systemic levels.