EMPOWER in the Media

As part of our communications strategy, EMPOWER engages with the public, and other civil society organisations on issues that matter to us through the media.


All statements are free to be downloaded in PDF format and distributed in print or digital.




10 July 2013 Former child bride recounts ordeal, The Star Online
13 August 2013 Domestic Violence Act already protects men –  Joint Action Group for Gender Equality, The Malay Mail




19 March 2012 WSP Women’s Rally, Malaysiakini
18 March 2012 WSP Women paint PJ purple, Malaysiakini
11 February 2012 Massage parlour perks, MCA Official Website




1 November 2011 MAPIM bantah gay-lesbian jadi isu perdana negara, Penang Daily
30 August 2011 Empower: Bengkel esok tiada agenda tersirat, malah tidak cabar undang-undang Islam, The Malaysian Insider
5 Jul 2011 Lawyers say questioning Empower chief an act of intimidation, The Malaysian Insider
2 July 2011 Children’s Rights, The Malay Mail
1 July 2011 ‘Potret Shamsiah Fakeh disalahguna, tuduh kami komunis’, Free Malaysia Today
4 June 2011 Marking women suspects stinks of Nazi GermanyMalaysiakini
4 June 2011 M’sia ‘labels’ prostitute suspects, Channel News Asia
4 June 2011 Obedient Wives, Klik4Malaysia.com
20 April 2011 Outrage over boot camp for effeminate schoolboys, The Star Online
7 March 2011 When does the violence begin?, LoyarBurok.com
16 January 2011 Empowering women against cyber-violence, The Borneo Post




April 2010 Turning women into politicians, GoodTimes
21 November 2010 Judging gender parity in court, The Star Online
9 September 2010 Baby-dumping: The mothers need help, too, Malaysiakini
11 June 2010 Weaker sex to get stronger role in public sector, The Star Online
3 May 2010 Awareness needed on Domestic Violence Act, says NGO, The Malay Mail



20 November 2008 Tomboy-ism: Yes, minister. Let’s meet, Malaysiakini
8 November 2008

Pitfalls in regulating race relations, The Nut Graph