Videos for Change

EMPOWER published several videos documenting our work in women’s political participation, women’s rights, gender inequality and gender issues, and rights of the marginalised:



Kami Wanita Orang Asli, Dengar Suara Kami!


(2014, 17 minutes, BM with English subtitles) Stories of resilience and dedication by 6 Orang Asli activists, filmed by Orang Asli women who were part EMPOWER’s women’s political participation programme.



Wanita Berkepimpinan: Normawati binti Ghazali

(2015, 4 minutes, BM with English subtitles) Meet Atie, one of our programme graduates! Here, she speaks about her work and hopes for the future.



Tanpa Wajah / Unseen Faces


(2013, 30 minutes, BM subtitles) Three women leaders, three voices for change. Winner of the 2013 Freedom Film Fest Award for Best Malaysian Film. Watch the trailer above!



Undi Kita Hak Kita

(2013, in Tamil) A voter education video for Tamil-speaking communities showing basic steps in registering as a voter and casting a vote, as well as solutions to common problems.


Briefing on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) for Malaysian NGOs

(2016, approx. 2 hours, English) On 13th January 2016, EMPOWER organised a briefing session for Malaysian NGOs on the TPPA, in conjunction with Ms. Sanya Reid Smith’s visit to Malaysia. Ms. Reid Smith is an expert on Trade and Investment Rules and has been monitoring the Transpacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) since 2011. She is also a resource person for Bantah TPPA Malaysia.



Your Vote is Your Voice

(2013, English) A recording of Dr Bridget Welsh’s presentation on “Women’s Participation and Women’s Representation in Malaysian Elections: Trends and Implications for the Upcoming GE13”, hosted by EMPOWER on 6 April.



“GE13: My Message” Series

(2013, English and Malay with subtitles) Video messages from women leaders to fellow women in Malaysia in regards to the 13th General Election.