As an organization doing advocacy, research and education work, EMPOWER has published several publications containing our research on the grounds of human rights and feminism.


These publications are free to be downloaded in digital format. To purchase the hardcopy version, please contact




Voice, Visibility and a Variety of Viciousness: A Malaysian Study of Women’s Lived Realities on Social Media

Year: 2017

Price: Free to download (PDF), RM25 for hardcopy

Language: English

This is the fourth study on Internet rights by Empower under the APC-IMPACT project. It builds on Empower’s previous research on online freedom of expression, freedom of information as well as freedom of assembly and association. It is a feminist response to increased instances of bullying and harassment on social media, seeking better understanding of how these forms of technology-related gender-based violence manifest in the Malaysian context. It draws attention to the Internet as a real living space for women where the harms of patriarchy are felt equally as they are offline. Insights gained from this study will aid in devising a more contextual response to the problems women face online including in laws and policies governing the Internet.

Published in 2017. 52 pages, glossy paper, full colour. Please PM us to buy. All proceeds goes to cover Empower’s programmes.


Freedom of Assembly and Association in Malaysia: Overview and Case Studies

Year: 2016
Price: Free to download (pdf), RM25 for hardcopy
Language: English

This report is part of a series of baseline research conducted by the APC IMPACT project. It assesses the state of freedom of assembly and association in Malaysia, both in its legal restrictions as well as the richness of activism online.


Status of Freedom of Expression Online: Malaysia

Year: 2015
Price: Free to download (pdf)
Language: English

This report is part of the baseline research conducted by the APC IMPACT project. It assesses the state of specific internet-related rights in Malaysia, including freedom of expression, by applying the APC-La Rue Framework, a checklist of indicators.



Equality Under Construction: Malaysian Women’s Human Rights Report (2010-2011)

Year: 2012
Price: RM30
Language: English

In this collection of thematic essays, the authors examine Malaysia’s progress to date in meeting its obligations as a signatory to the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW). The essays take the reader on a journey through the policy process, beginning with ratifying the United Nations convention. The essays demonstrate what a remarkable document CEDAW is. It has motivated policies to end gender discrimination, facilitated discussions about the relationship between discrimination and equality, and provided a context for addressing newly-emerging issues, such as gender identity and women refugees.



Redefining Governance

Year: 2008
Price: RM10
Language: English or Malay

“Redefining Governance: Women’s Rights and Participatory Democracy in Local Government” is the result of a monitoring project by the Women’s Development Collective (WDC). This book emphasises the need for women’s participation in the democratic process. Similarly, it shows how citizens’ participation can effect changes in their lives.



Working For Democracy

Year: 2007
Price: RM10
Language: English or Malay

This book is an attempt to record the transformatory experiences of Malaysian NGOs in their struggles for a democratic and inclusive society. Five case studies were selected based on the varied areas of engagement – poverty, education, youth activism, religious freedom and women’s rights. In turn, the experiences of their related constituencies – the rural poor, youth, and women – demonstrate the array of concerns, conflicts and attempts made to find peace, justice and unity by ordinary Malaysians in their everyday lives.